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 Why would you go through the hassle and spend any of your hard-earned money, $3.00 USD (three dollars and no cents, onetime fee forever, or until some unrecoverable website crash) to read unknown writings from an unknown author?

 I could tell you how the ultimate secret to the universe is contained in my pages and I am selling it at a heavily discounted rate. (The ultimate secret to the universe may just be contained in my writings but since I don’t know what that ultimate secret is, how would I know if it was there or not)

What I do know is that the complexities of the universe (The Mind of GOD) is far too majestic, wonderful and intricate for my pitiful human brain to comprehend, but there are crumbs of it that I can try to break down and understand and try to apply to my life, and to explain how they have meaning to your life.

 As I am learning all the time, and trying to gain more understanding, I keep writing and adding to the pages contained on the membership page, I try to write in the way that I deliver the topic to whomever my audience happens to be, if it is a sermon to my church or a talk to the homeless or maybe some other sort of event, sometimes it’s just me trying to get the concepts written out to be used at a later time.

 There is also a continuing in progress draft of my book “As for Me and Mine “that   if ever finished (you never know, I might finish it) tries to explain why I believe in GOD and what his words mean to me.

The first few chapters of the book lay out a pretty good argument, in my humble opinion, why Creation as related in the Bible makes sense, but the Big Bang theory and evolution don’t.

With anything I write, you are free to use any quotes, arguments or any other parts of my writings, if you use them in a way that is reverent to GOD (you will answer to HIM not me) feel free to use any or all parts in public or private, subject to the same condition (attribution on occasion might be nice, but frankly, I will never know, will I)

Salvation in Christianity

It is my hope and prayer that you might find a little tidbit in what I write, that will help you through your life, or even if it is just for an hour that you feel better and closer to the Lord as you walk with him, even better, if you find something here that the Lord uses you to impact someone else’s life in a positive way that brings them even a little closer to Jesus.

The membership page will also have links to original music created by my wonderful wife and other original music created and produced by my talented step-son, also other links that I find entertaining or informative.

I will also be posting writings on various secular topics in areas of interest to me, who knows what they might entail.

As stated above, I will be adding to my writings as works are completed (maybe some before they are completed) as the $3.00 USD fee is just a onetime charge, for unlimited, never expiring access, please check back often for new or updated material.

There are links to some sample writings on the welcome page

Be Blessed and know that you are surrounded by the Love of Jesus.

I just so happened to kill (I gave it a chance to flee) a fly while I was writing this, I think I will try to see if I can explain “Why GOD made Flies” I have an idea why, I need to do some research and the explanation may turn out to be more complex than you would think, I have a feeling that it will involve what we call math. (the math part really sounds boring; I think I need to institute a “NO REFUNDS policy)

The membership page will also have thoughts on upcoming topics, now I admit they all might not be as fascinating as the above idea about flies (sarcasm, something my family tells me I am not that great at, but I keep trying because it really “bugs” them) The hand of GOD is everywhere, our task is to try to see and acknowledge the perfection of his impact related to our finite lives here in this world.

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